The Three Best and Worst Games of March 2021

IamTylerDurden15h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Maquette PS5 was a nice surprise on PS+ and Kaze looks excellent, but the best of March begins and ends with Disco Elysium FC.

On the losers side, MLB continues to embarrass itself with the in-house production of their somewhat legendary franchise, RBI Baseball. Once upon a time RBI was a go-to baseball title. The days of cartridge gaming saw RBI Baseball as a sports gaming staple. Nowadays, it’s the worst sports game in the business. MLB better pray that Sony doesn’t get fed up with their bullshit practices and just drop the license, forcing them to develop in-house. Ofc they’d probably just choose some other sucker to make the game, but it’d be amusing to watch them scramble.

And Balan, oh boy. The game looks like an up rez’d PS2 game.