The Demon’s Souls OST Looks Unreasonably Attractive On Vinyl

Illustration for article titled The Demon’s Souls OST Looks Unreasonably Attractive On Vinyl

Image: Sony / Milan Records / Ken Taylor / Kotaku

If you enjoyed Demon’s Souls’ updated score on PlayStation 5 and want to be able to listen to it in high fidelity, you’re in luck: Sony and Milan Records are partnering to produce a two-disc vinyl set of 21 tracks from the remastered classic for release on June 18.

As you can see in the gallery below, the Demon’s Souls vinyl comes in several hues and patterns depending on where you pre-order. But no matter the variant, the entire package is very pretty, with original artwork by Australian designer Ken Taylor.

I’ve written about how much I loved the use of silence in the original soundtrack, but the arranged score of the PlayStation 5 remake is certainly serviceable. While I mostly enjoyed the decisions Bill Hemstapat and Jim Fowler made in rearranging and orchestrating Shunsuke Kida’s original PlayStation 3 compositions, I’d argue that a certain je ne sais quoi was lost in the transition.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a record player for awhile now, so this may just push me over the edge into full-on hipsterdom.