Gardening expert explains how to create a ‘tropical haven’ in your garden ahead of summer

Holidays abroad this year remain uncertain for many Britons due to the coronavirus pandemic. With many of us staying at home this summer, now is the perfect time to create your own dream holiday destination in your garden. Horticulture expert Samantha Jones from MyJobQuote has shared her essential summer gardening tips to help you create a “tropical haven”.

Ms Jones said the best way to create a “vibrant landscape” is by layering plants up in your garden.

Layering can also help you add colour, texture and a plethora of shapes to your borders and sections.

Ms Jones added: “You can also incorporate large-leaved plants such as Begonia, which are also known as elephant’s ears.

“These are excellent for ground covering and come in various shades of red, pink and purple.”

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French garden

French provincial gardens are known for their olive trees, slender cypress pines, lavender and rose bushes.

Climbing wisteria, vines and vast lawns are also common features.

Ms Jones suggested planting specific plants to achieve a similar effect.

She said: “For a French-inspired garden, you may want to opt for irises which are normally found in the French countryside.

“These are normally deep purple or yellow and grow from four to 16 inches in height.”

“You should also add some deck chairs and wicker tables to amp up the resort feel.”

Time frame and expert help

If you’re new to gardening and don’t know where to start, you can always hire a professional gardener to help transform your space.

The horticulture expert said gardeners can cost “anywhere from £14 to £25 per hour”.

Transforming your garden can also be a timely process depending on the size of your space.

Ms Jones added: “The timeframe for transforming your garden into a holiday-style haven could take anywhere from two days to two weeks to complete, depending on the size of the landscape.”