Cowboy battle royale Grit has horse combat, trains, and a clever take on loot

Name your favorite scene in a western, and there’s a good chance that the developers of Grit, a new 100-player battle royale set in the wild west, already have an idea for working it into their game. The classic high noon duel, like in For a Few Dollars More? When you die, you can win a duel to get back in the game. Riding a horse up to a moving train to take it over, Bandidos-style? Trains and horses were both considered must-haves in Grit. Poker? Yes, even poker—you won’t be sitting down mid-match to play a game like Maverick, but Grit’s loot system is built around collecting playing cards that represent different weapons. Put together a flush, and you’ll earn a perk that sets you apart from the average cowpoke.

“The thing that really sealed the western theme for me is when we got horse combat working well,” says Bob Berry, co-founder of the new studio behind Grit. “I was like, this isn’t just PUBG in the west anymore. It feels like a very different game now, and it’s fun.”

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Bob Berry