Queensland and Brisbane Covid cases trends and map: where the cases are

Brisbane has just lifted its lockdown but other restrictions will remain for up to two weeks.

Here you can see the trend in cases, the source of those cases and their locations, using data from Queensland Health.

This map shows the location of active cases by hospital and health service region. The map is updated daily and includes all cases, regardless of infection source.

qld map of covid cases

This chart shows the total number of daily cases, split by the source of the infection – including overseas, interstate and local. Cases that are determined to be local infections but have origins unknown, as well as those still under investigation, are put in separate categories.

bar chart of cases over time

To see the Covid spread over time the following chart shows a seven-day rolling average of new cases each day. Local known and unknown, as well as cases under investigation, have been added together.

chart showing the trend in cases

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source: theguardian.com