Facebook is giving you more control over what you see in your News Feed


You now have more control over what appears in your News Feed.


Facebook is giving you more control over what you see when you use the social media platform — in particular what you see appear in your News Feeds and who’s allowed to comment on your posts. The social network announced on Wednesday that it’s introducing a number of changes, all designed to put Facebook users in the driving seat while navigating the platform.

Most significant among the new tools is the ability to determine what content appears in your News Feed and in what order. You’ll now have the power to determine whether you see content appearing chronologically as it’s posted, or, as is currently standard on the platform, to see what Facebook’s algorithm has decided to show you. If neither of those choices offers you the experience you’re after, you’ll also be able to filter to see content only from your favourites.

To access these new options, you’ll need to look out for the Feed Filters Bar that should appear at the top of your News Feed. This will allow you to switch easily between the different feeds. Facebook introduced a tool allowing you to choose up to 30 favourite people and pages you most enjoy seeing content from back in October, so make sure you’ve chosen some accounts to view content from before choosing that option in the Feed Filters Bar.

Facebook sometimes places content in your News Feed from people or pages you don’t actively follow, which can be confusing. Even with the new controls, it will continue to do this, but it will now explain why it’s showing you this content. When these “suggested for you” posts pop up in your feed, you’ll now have the option to tap “Why am I seeing this?”, which should provide you with more context around the decision.

In addition to having more control over what you see in your News Feed, you’ll also have new powers to control who is able to comment on your own public posts. This can range from anyone who is able to see the post, to only the specific people and pages you tag. The hope, said Facebook in a press release, is that you’ll be able to limit unwanted interactions and engage in conversations that are “meaningful” to you.

source: cnet.com