Kate Middleton: How Duchess' gap year travels prepared her for life with Prince William

“For the final leg of the trip, Kate headed back to the mainland to spend three weeks working on a community project, which for her meant helping to build a fire station,” explained Moody. “It was another remote area, with just around 200 people living nearby, one school and one shop.

“This time she stayed in a big communal building with all the other volunteers, sleeping in one huge room in their sleeping bags. They were given an allowance to spend on fresh food and would buy meat from the local farmer.

“In the evenings they would play cards and other games. Kate particularly responded to a short trip she made.

“’We had a relationship with the local school,’ Malcolm Sutherland recalls. ‘We would encourage the volunteers to go down there with one of our staff as translator, so they could meet the kids and the teachers, and I know that Kate absolutely loved that.

source: express.co.uk