Freddie Mercury first girlfriend recalls 'ardent love' but knew he was gay after night out

Within weeks, Rose decided to break up with Freddie because he “desperately wanted a relationship with a man.”

With the benefit of hindsight, this may have been true in the long run, but according to Mary Austin and Freddie’s contemporaries at the time, he may not have been ready to admit that so openly to himself or anyone else in 1970.”

In a Channel 5 documentary in December 2019, Rose said: “He see-sawed between wanting to be with me and wanting these other adventures. He seemed to want both at once. Even when I was with him late at night sometimes, he would be warm and affectionate, then say, ‘I wonder what it’s like with a man?’

“I found it very hard to take. I felt I was not enough for him and my confidence sank.”