ALP national conference 2021: Labor finalises energy platform for next election – live

I wouldn’t over interpret this. The vaccine schedule for delivery for 12 weeks have been provided to the states, I am not making any criticism. it is a big job, we are all doing it, the states and territories are doing it, with their frontline workers and hospitals and we are doing it through the GP rollout.

Of course at the outset when 3 million or so vaccines are not able to be delivered to Australia because of the vaccine release out of Europe in particular, that was obviously going to impact the early success, but we are already at over 650,000 and I expect by next week we will be into the million and each week the distribution and the vaccination dosage gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

We are on track for our first dose for everyone by the end of October. In particular, the states and territories are moving through their workforce as is their part of the responsibilities copy we are working through through the GPs as we move into 1b and the 6 million Australians that are part of that.

It is not a race or a competition, I am interested in Australians being vaccinated safely with appropriate care and support given to all of them.

Australia has put itself in a position to have a manufactured vaccine here in Australia.

We are not relying, like most of the countries in the world, for vaccines to be coming from somewhere else. They are getting made here in Australia, in Melbourne. I was there last Friday, saw them coming off the line, heading out into the GP clinics in states around the country, so we are getting on with this, we are getting it done and it will continue to build a after day.

I am not interested in people wanting to play politics with vaccine and distribution, I will leave the politics to those who want to play politics.

It’s my job and the premier’s job to get people vaccinated and that is exactly what we’re are doing.