Australia news live: eight new local Qld Covid cases as Brisbane enters lockdown; Berejiklian 'disgusted' by parliament sexting

The first cluster is related to that doctor at the PA Hospital who treated a confirmed case. And you would remember that she acquired it from a confirmed case in the hospital, and also that case had passed it on to another traveller in the hotel when they were in hotel quarantine. So, there were those three cases earlier March.

Then since then we now have these new cases that we picked up in the community. And I’m very grateful to that first young man who came forward and got tested, and the second gentleman – so, they live in northern Brisbane – so, those two cases. Then we’ve had other cases connected to those. And we know they’re all linked because of the genome sequence. They’re all a B117 linked back to that case at the PA Hospital.

Then we have a second cluster, and this is the nurse that I told you about yesterday. So, she worked at the PA Hospital on 18 March in the Covid ward.

But we now have the genome sequence result back… she has exactly the same genome…to a gentleman who arrived and was treated in the PA Hospital and was tested on 22 March.

So, after the nurse worked in the Covid ward. She did do a shift on the night of 23 March, so that shift started 10pm that night, she worked through the night into the next day on the 24th.

So, my hypothesis… is that she has acquired the infection when at work that night.

Now, I don’t knowwhether she’s got it directly from that patient, because she wasn’t working with Covid cases that night, but we have to confirm that, or whether she’s got it from someone else in the hospital.