Milla Jovovich & Daughter Ever, 13, Troll Each Other As They ‘Switch Places’ In Hilarious TikTok — Watch

There’s a new star in Milla Jovovich’s family! The Ukranian-born actress’ daughter Ever shared a hilarious new TikTok video — impersonating her mom!

Ever Anderson is a total rising star! The 13-year-old daughter of actor Milla Jovovich proved she has a great sense of humor when she shared a hilarious TikTok video of the mother-daughter duo pretending to “switch places” on March 27. Milla’s mini-me, who is set to feature in Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy, sipped tea from an orange mug while angrily shouting, “Ever, get over here right now!”


If my mom and I switched places 😳#millajovovich #fyp

♬ original sound – Ever Anderson

Meanwhile, Milla mimicked her teenage daughter by yelling “Mom, mom, mom,” while doing a combination of TikTok-style dance moves and asking her daughter to cook an egg. “Can you put the stove on?” little Ever asks, to which her mom replied, “Come on, mom, I love you so much.” The up and coming social media star was then seen carrying six empty white bowls from her bedroom. “Ever, see what I brought from your room? That’s where dishes go to die!”

Shortly after, her mom danced in the living room, and when Ever asked why she wasn’t playing any music to dance along to, she rolled her eyes and said she was “TikToking”. Too funny! It comes just one day after the proud mom joked she had a new role: “chaperone” to her daughter, who is set to star in live-action remake of Peter Pan as Wendy Darling. It will also star Alexander Molony.


“Going to set not as the star this time. I’m making sure the new star, my daughter @evergaboanderson stays sweet, grounded and sane while she works on her new movie #peterpanandwendy,” the mom-of-three proudly wrote on Instagram. “I love road trips, but to take one with my teen is extra fun and special while she makes her own magic happen playing Wendy Darling in this new, modern take of a @disney classic.” The pair smiled as they sat next to each other in a car, while another pic showed Ever looking down and drinking a Starbucks beverage.