Dan Walker addresses getting 'balance' in BBC Breakfast segments amid Piers Morgan jibe

The journalist, 44, fronts BBC Breakfast alongside Louise Minchin, 52, from the BBC studios in MediaCity UK, Salford, has addressed the lack of similarities between him and former rival, Piers Morgan. Dan has revealed that it is “laughable” that reporters demand interview subjects to resign.

After taking on the role from Bill Turnbull in 2016, Dan has gone on to oversee coverage of some of the biggest events of the past decade, including the US Presidential election and General Elections in the UK.

Dan, who lives with his wife Sarah and their children, Susie, 13, Jessica, 11, and Joe, 10, appears on the programme Monday, through till Wednesday and tackles some of the most talked-about topics.

Over the past twelve months, the pair have grilled politicians as the UK was thrown into a period of lockdown following the outbreak of coronavirus in March 2020.

Walker, who feels “privileged” that he gets to deliver the daily news to the nation as they wake up stated: “We [BBC Breakfast] have had politicians such as Matt Hancock on most weeks during the pandemic.”

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He went on to tell The Sunday Times Magazine: “I try to get the balance right with those interviews.

“I think it’s essential that you get to hear what those politicians have to say.”

During his time on the early morning programme, Dan has ruffled the feathers of former Good Morning Britain co-anchor, Piers Morgan, on multiple occasions.

Speaking of their clashes, Dan told the publication: “Piers and I have had a friendly rivalry, but it has been good for BBC Breakfast and GMB.”

As the UK remained in the first national lockdown, multiple government officials “boycotted” Good Morning Britain, with Piers and co-anchor, Susanna Reid

Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on the programme in November of 2020, after avoiding the show for around 200 days.

During his appearance on the show, Hancock didn’t acknowledge the alleged boycott and responded: “I said I would come on as soon as the diaries allow.”

Probing the minister, Piers suggested that the avoidance had potentially been spearheaded by former communications boss, Lee Cain, who left his role in November.

“The 201-day government boycott on GMB has been dramatically ended,” Piers told viewers.

Holding Mr Hancock to account, Piers stated that the coronavirus testing procedure in place was “still a complete shambles”.

He ranted: “Given that we now have over 50,000 deaths in this country, which is the worst death toll in Europe, why are you still Health Secretary? Why haven’t you handed in your resignation?”

Piers later added that over the course of the year, there had been a “constant series of Government failures” after the country was plunged into another lockdown in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Last month, Mr Hancock appeared on Good Morning Britain again and had hoped to “thank” his team after they had worked “so hard”.

“I’m sorry if my first thought when you come on Health Secretary is not to thank you and your team for your brilliant handling of the pandemic because I don’t think 130,000 deaths shows that you’ve handled it well.

“I’m sorry that I’m not thanking you and applauding you”, raged Piers.

source: express.co.uk