Jeremy Clarkson slams Union Jack critics saying flag should make us feel ‘warm and gooey'

Jeremy Clarkson, 60, has weighed in after it was announced government departments were told to fly the Union Jack every day. The Grand Tour presenter hit back at critics of the news, saying Britons should be proud of their flag.

Jeremy praised the new policy imposed by government departments as a “proud reminder of our history”.

He gave an impassioned defence of the flag and Winston Churchill amid claims we should not write off our history.

The presenter spoke of how the Union Jack “should be a symbol” which makes us “feel warm and gooey inside when we see one.”

The star was replying to those against the new government policy as well as those who dismiss Winston Churchill.

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He wrote in his column in The Sun: “We’re told that it’s a symbol of Britain’s dark-hearted past and that anyone who wells up and bursts into a spontaneous rendition of Rule Britannia when they see one is basically a closet Nazi with a cellar full of swastikas and a head full of jackboot fantasies.

“But hang on. Lots of countries have dodgy histories.”

Jeremy continued his impassioned defence, going on to point out Britain’s historic successes.

He continued: “I’m not saying British history is a fairytale full of nothing but pink unicorns and goodness. We had our moments, for sure.

“And for a long time, we alone stood up to Hitler and his fascist dreams.

“The Union Jack should be a symbol, then, that reminds us of all this and makes us feel warm and gooey inside when we see one.”

Jeremy’s defence comes after it was announced on Friday how government buildings in England, Wales and Scotland will fly the union flag every day.

The new policy was brought in by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport department.