Gardening expert explains how to ‘keep weeds at bay’ using damp newspaper and gin

Gardening naturally and using household items is a great way to save money. Using natural items from your home can also be some of the best ways to keep stubborn weeds and other pests at bay. Rowse’s gardening expert, Michael Perry has shared how you can tackle weeds using just damp newspaper.

While it may be tempting to use chemicals and weed killers, this could end up causing more harm than good.

Instead, Mr Perry recommended using damp newspaper.

He said: “To keep weeds at bay, simply place damp newspaper down around your plants, creating collars to protect them!”

However, if your weed problem is consistent, then you may need to try something stronger.

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Mulch can be in the form of bark, gravel and fresh compost and can lock moisture into the soil and prevent evaporation, according to the expert.

Mr Perry, who is also known as Mr Plant Geek on Instagram, also shared his tips for feeding your plants naturally using household items.

The gardening expert said you can use all sorts of things including coffee grounds and egg shells.

Feeding your plants regularly will not only ensure they remain healthy, but will attract insects like bees.

He added: “Plants also love starch, so when you cook your noodles and pasta, don’t be too quick to throw the water away.

“Pour it onto your plants, but of course wait until it’s cooled first!

“Crushed eggshells have long been known as a deterrent to slugs and snails, but they’re also good for the soil.

“Mixing them into the top layer of soil will help to aerate the soil too.”