Nadiya Hussain addresses whether she'll arrange marriages for kids after her own success

Arranged marriages play a huge part in the lives of Bengali Muslim weddings and Nadiya Hussain has revealed that hers has been hugely successful after getting engaged on her first date. The chef and newspaper columnist married her husband Abdal Hussain when she was just 20.

However, Nadiya, 36, has now admitted that despite her own success, there is “no way” she would consider arranging a marriage for her three children, daughter Maryam, 10, and sons, Musa,14, and Dawud, 13.

The culinary expert explained that despite finding happiness in her marriage, she would hate for her children to blame her if they were in a marriage without love.

In a new interview, Nadiya said: “It’s just too much hard work and responsibility.

“If my own marriage didn’t work out, I think I would blame my parents. I wouldn’t want that for myself, I trust that I’ve given them the right tools to want the right things for themselves but if they do make the wrong choice, that’s ok too.”

Although she spoke to her husband for six months before they were married, Nadiya said that neither she nor Abdal knew one another’s personalities before the big day, noting it was “unbelievable” that their marriage is continuing to blossom.

Speaking about her successful marriage of 15 years, Nadiya told the publication: “It’s been all about compromise, also learning about each other, I’ve never wanted to change him.”

Nadiya believes that their arranged marriage has “helped” their relationship, as they got to know one another after their nuptials, adding that they are “one of the lucky couples”.

While she has no plans to welcome a fourth child into the Hussain household, the chef has revealed that her eldest son, Musa, has been hoping she will add to their family.

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“Musa always calls me old, but the second I say I don’t want to have a baby he retracts it! He is adamant and on my back every day to have a baby.

“I don’t know what it is! I’m like ‘No, no, no!’ I might get more pets but definitely not more children, it’s not for me,” she admitted.

Last year, Nadiya spoke candidly about how she didn’t feel a wave of love for Musa when he was born, instead, she felt the “rush of love” several weeks after his birth.

Speaking to singer Sophie Ellis-Bexter on the Spinning Plates podcast, the author confessed: “As a mum, you’re constantly told and you read that you’ll get this rush of emotions and you’re going to feel love like you’ve never felt before.

“When you’re anticipating that, it’s the worst thing because, when you don’t know, you can’t quite pinpoint whether you’ve felt it yet.”

Continuing, Nadiya told Sophie: “So I remember after I’d had him, I was like have I felt that yet? You expect the bells and the whistles and the fireworks and I was like, why haven’t I felt it? When does it come?”

Despite her initial worries, shortly after husband Abdul had returned to work, she realised that the “little human being” needed her and she felt a sudden “rush of love” come over her.

“In that moment, I realised I think I needed him more, and that was when I felt it,” she gushed.