Jimmy White recalls 'bizarre' Stephen Hendry phone call after World Championship draw

White has been a regular practice partner for Hendry since the former made his return to the sport, but the 58-year-old admits that will stop over the next week.

“We obviously won’t be practising any more and tuning up together,” White added.

“In the past few months when he was getting back on the tour we decided to have a few games.

“It’s well-documented that my best preparation wasn’t that great in the 1980s and 1990s, but I have always enjoyed practising. And if you enjoy practising you can keep going as long as your eyesight is good.

“My game’s in good shape. If I can beat Stephen in the first match I have three other tough matches and then I get to the Crucible then hopefully I can win another five matches and become world champion.”

source: express.co.uk