Grey's Anatomy Is Bringing Back Another Fan-Favorite Character to Meredith's Beach

Meredith Grey’s beach is becoming quite the popular hangout spot on Grey’s Anatomy

The character portrayed by Ellen Pompeo gets a major surprise in next week’s episode when she’s visited during a dream sequence by her late sister Lexie, played by Chyler Leigh. A preview of the highly anticipated reunion aired after the show’s Thursday, March 25 episode and can be seen below.

“The surprise beach guest you’ve been waiting for,” read the words on the screen during the teaser for the upcoming April 1 installment. 

The footage showed Meredith’s delighted reaction as she greets her sister with, “Lexie!” Viewers then saw Lexie chuckle excitedly. 

As the pair sat on rocks along the water, Meredith shared, “I like it here.” Later, Lexie asked, “Are you gonna stay?”

Lexie, Meredith’s younger paternal half-sister, was introduced as a surgical intern in season 3. The character was killed off in a devastating plane crash during the season 8 finale that aired in May 2012.