Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator – Is it worth it? | PC Invasion

Abriael21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

This is not a study-level airliner. It’s complex, awesome, and it does require some study, but it steps a bit short of study-level, which requires full failures simulation, which this does not support, on top of a few more details, like some systems that are not interconnected as they should be.

Also, fully disagree that core simmers have been left out so far. The a32nx by FlyByWire and Citation by Working Title are perfectly up to the task of satisfying core simmers. It’s worth mentioning that no previous simulator received add-ons of this complexity (including the CRJ) nearly as fast as MSFS after their release.

You can also absolutely use a file generated by Simbrief to import flight plans into the CRJ, exactly as you can with the Zibo 737. I don’t know what anyone would want to do that and miss part of the fun, but you can.

PS: if you think this is pricey, wait until PMDG asks $100 for its 737. These complex add-ons cost like a game because they require as much work as a game to make.