Putin blasted for not being pictured while taking Covid jab – ‘It was sugar in there’

Despite his refusal to be pictured, the Russian President took the jab to encourage those who remain reluctant in the country. The Kremlin did not confirm which vaccine Mr Putin received.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson, told reporters on Tuesday: “Putin has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“He feels well. Tomorrow he has a full working day.”

Questioned over why the president was not filmed or pictured, Mr Peskov said journalists would have to “trust his word” that Mr Putin was vaccinated.

He added: “The president has already done a lot to popularise the vaccine.

“As to being vaccinated on camera, well he has never been a fan of that, he doesn’t like that.”

In reaction to Mr Putin’s refusal to be vaccinated on camera, journalist Andrey Zakharov joked on Twitter: “It was sugar in there.”

Referencing a quote from Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny that Mr Putin was like a “grandpa in a bunker”, opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov wrote on Facebook: “They say that there was a vaccination in the bunker today.”

Mr Gudkov added: “But their promises sound like a joke: in total secrecy, far from the cameras, won’t say which vaccine.”

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Posting the photo on Twitter, he wrote: “Vaccine will let us live without restrictions again.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also posed for a camera while receiving his first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab last week.

Mr Johnson wrote on Twitter: “I’ve just received my first Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine dose.

“Thank you to all of the incredible scientists, NHS staff and volunteers who helped make this happen.

“Getting the jab is the best thing we can do to get back to the lives we miss so much. Let’s get the jab done.”

source: express.co.uk