Monty Don: Gardeners' World host on the common ‘mistake’ gardeners make

In the clip, Monty said: “Now, I’ve got a peat-free compost, which I have modified by adding leaf mould, a little bit of sifted garden compost, some grit to open it up. 

“But to be honest, chillies will grow in any compost mix. Now as far as you can, put the seeds evenly because one of the secrets of successful seed growing is to have the seedlings growing strongly from the very beginning. 

“It’s a mistake to think you can just scatter the seeds any old how and they’ll all sort themselves out because that then becomes survival of the fittest and a lot of the seedlings won’t do very well.”

Back in the studio, Charlie said: “I’m delighted to say we can speak to Monty right now! Good morning Monty, not in the garden in your study, is that right?”