Marks and Spencer shoppers go mad for brand new Colin the Caterpillar product

Marks and Spencer is well known for its Colin the Caterpillar cake range which has proven to be extremely popular amongst customers over the years. The line includes a Connie the Caterpillar cake, jelly sweets, mini logs, chocolate faces, and even a limited-edition Easter version of the cake.

Yesterday, Marks and Spencer took to social media to inform customers of the latest edition to its Colin the Caterpillar cake range.

The Colin the Caterpillar cupcakes are available to buy in stores now.

The new cakes are the Colin and Caterpillar chocolate log cake but in cupcake form, topped with rich chocolate buttercream, chocolate sprinkles, and mini white chocolate Colin the Caterpillar faces.

The cakes come in a pack of six and it seems that customers already cannot wait to get their hands on the sweet treats.

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Another M&S customer tagged their friends, writing: “I know what I’m buying for your birthday weekend!”

Many other customers also tagged their friends and posted multiple heart eye emojis and exclamation marks.

“Colin cupcakes! Don’t think life could get any better!” said one shopper.

Another Colin the Caterpillar fan added: “Game. Changer.”

Marks and Spencer has recently launched other Colin the Caterpillar products in time for Easter, including an Easter egg and a new version of the classic Colin the Caterpillar chocolate log cake.

The Easter egg combines a hollow milk chocolate egg with a pack of mini white and milk chocolate Colin faces.

The new Easter cake is called the Easter Egg Hunt Colin the Caterpillar, which proved to be very popular with customers.

The cake launched in stores on March 15 and looks the same as the traditional Colin cake, expect that the caterpillar is wearing a white chocolate top hat.

Posting a photo of the new Colin on the Marks and Spencer Food PR Instagram account last week, the caption read: “Colin has had an Easter makeover. Launching in store today, the limited edition Easter Egg Hunt Colin is dressed up to the nines in his pink Easter hat, with gorgeous and delicious egg decorations.”

The post gained tens of thousands of likes and comments within hours, with fans expressing how much they wanted to get their hands on one.

One person said: “What I would do for one of those cakes!”

Another wrote: “Doesn’t he look amazing!”

The cake costs £10 and is still available to buy in M&S stores, along with other Colin the Caterpillar items.