'I was reading my notes!' Malone has Jeremy Vine descend into chaos as she gets distracted

Speaking to panellists on Jeremy Vine on 5 on Wednesday, host Jeremy Vine discussed Boris Johnson’s recent comments about Britain’s vaccine procurement. Mr Johnson is reported to have told a Zoom call with backbench Conservative MPs that the reason the UK got the vaccine quickly was through “greed” and “capitalism”. Mr Vine asked veteran journalist Carole Malone what her thoughts were on the comments but she appeared to be very distracted.

Earlier on Wednesday, The Sun reported Boris Johnson had told backbench MPs the only reason the UK got the coronavirus vaccine was through “greed” and “capitalism”.

The PM cracked the joke at a zoom meeting of the backbench 1922 Committee.

Johnson later backpedalled and said not to quote him on his statements.

His words come as the U.K. marked a grim milestone in the pandemic yesterday.


A minute silence fell across the U.K. at midday on Tuesday as the country remembered the 126,000 people who have tragically lost their life to covid-19.

The grim milestone came with concerning news of a third outbreak of coronavirus in Europe which has plunged more countries into lockdown.

Prime Minister Johnson told reporters that this new wave from the continent will inevitably “wash up on our shores”. 

On Monday the U.K. vaccinated a further 329,897 people pushing the figure to almost 30 million people who have now received at least one dose of the vaccine.

source: express.co.uk