Julia Bradbury hits back as viewer brands her outfit 'b****y stupid': 'You're 50 not 15!'

A third fan penned: “Here’s the thing I find. Women gain more confidence the older they get (I’m more confident at 30 than I was at 20). A confident woman is attractive and exudes power – power over herself and her choices. Twerps don’t handle that well. You do you Julia.”

A fourth person replied: “How rude is that. My view is wear what you like, we are allowed to make choices, not be dictated to by so called style gurus.

“I have never seen you in a bad outfit and my wife always comments on what you are wearing in a very positive way.”

A fifth commented: “No, sorry, @JuliaBradbury I can’t tell you; even if I could, I should not. But then these days some folks feel a need to criticise publicly. I take comfort that you probably and rightly don’t care one iota about that tweet.”

source: express.co.uk