Melania Trump blasted on Twitter over birthday decorations for Barron – 'horror movie'

The former First Lady took to Twitter to wish her son a happy birthday on Saturday. In the tweet, which featured a photograph of two black balloons, she wrote: “Happy birthday BWT.”

The initials stand for Barron’s full name: Barron William Trump.

However, some Twitter users denounced Mrs Trump’s choice of colour for the teenager’s celebration, labelling it “odd”.

One commenter said: “Happy birthday to Barron, but using black numbers for a 15th birthday strikes me as rather odd.”

Another person added: “That’s an odd photo image for a celebratory tweet.

“It looks like something out of a birthday gone wrong in a horror movie.”

A third person wrote: “After viewing her HB tweet to him, I doubt any day in that household is wonderful. Bless his heart.

“It must be the most stressful household in the country. Poor thing.”

However, other people on the social media platform jumped to Mrs Trump’s defence, agreeing with the colour choice.