Cleaning: Mrs Hinch shares 'comfort' she found in cleaning – 'I just cleaned all the time'

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, will often detail affordable and useful cleaning hacks with her fans. She has spoken about her love of cleaning in the latest episode of her podcast, All The Best And Worst With Mr and Mrs Hinch.

In the latest episode, which is available from midnight tomorrow, Sophie opens up on how she first started cleaning. 

Speaking with her husband, she stated her cleaning habit began shortly after the couple moved into their first flat together.

The cleaning guru said: “It worked out well for us because the flat was inbetween my hometown and where you lived before.

“So it would take like 40 minutes to get to my parents house. And then it will take 40 minutes to get to where your friends were in your hometown.


“So it worked out well but I’ll be honest, we obviously trialed that flat to ‘A’, make sure we could live together and ‘B’, give us a chance to sort of save for a deposit for a house. But I was so lonely there.

“Because, I don’t know, it was very different to Malden obviously, it’s very different to the town that I always lived in – it was so busy and it just felt like it was a whole new world even though it was 40 minutes down the road.”

Sophie explained being further away from friends and family meant she had more time on her hands.

When she left her job to go into hairdressing, the social media star added she filled her time by cleaning.

She continued: “When we then decided that I was going to leave work and go into hairdressing, and you’re going to stay at work, even though I loved being at home at the flat, it was so lonely.

“You know, it was just why I just cleaned all the time.

“Yeah, the reason I think I learned to love cleaning or the fact that I found so much comfort in it was the fact that most of the day it was just me and my cloths in the flat.

“Me and the cloths and keeping busy and hoovering and mopping and shining the sink.”

Sophie explained she began cleaning in her free time and the couple spoke about getting their dog, Henry, in 2015.

The cleaning sensation added that her daily routine became looking after Henry and cleaning her property.

“That’s why I was so obsessed with him. I still am because it felt like I had no one there at the time,” she concluded.

“And so my whole day was, I get up. make Henry breakfast, me breakfast, clean up the floor, everything, hoover, mop but then it’ll be ready for Henry’s walk.”