DIY tips – how to turn IKEA’s famous Billy bookcases into bespoke built-ins for under £350

7. The final step is to paint the whole thing ready for styling.

How to style them

The shelves are perfect for displaying anything from books to DVDs, to records and pictures.

But if you’re looking for shelf inspiration, Claire has shared her own tips for styling the bespoke units.

Claire said she has managed to get a lot of free vases and ornaments from Facebook marketplace to fill the compartments on her shelves.

She also said she painted some of the vases she already had to give them a “new lease of life”.

For a more natural feel, Claire used foliage and greenery from her garden and put them in the pots or around her ornaments.

The greenery adds a lovely splash of colour to the white shelves.

Claire also said she has recently bought a few items in online shops which she has paired with antique books to create “an interesting mix of old and new colour and texture.”

She added: “I created some concrete style canvas art for a few pounds by covering art canvases (bought cheaply from the high street) in polyfiller to give an interesting texture and then painted with left over emulsion.”