Antiques Roadshow expert unveils true value of painting originally bought for 30 shillings

Over the years, Antiques Roadshow has seen many ancient items brought forward for valuation and the difference in the purchase price and potentially selling price is staggering. In a recent episode from the popular BBC One show, a painting from the 1800s was brought in for expert John Foster to take a look at and considering it was originally bought for 30 shillings, it was now worth £6,000. 

“When I saw this earlier, I thought ‘I’ve got to film this!’” John began. “And I had to wrestle it away from the picture boys because it’s not usually my thing. 

“But, one I love this artist, Claude Moore, and two, the subject matter, in the 70s and 80s my dad’s job was to find ships that had sunk.

“What’s your connection with it?” He asked and the lady said: “This belonged to our father, he was a Dutchman, he came over in the war. 

“In the 50s he was managing a restaurant in a very old building and decided that coffee bars were all the fashion and he thought he would create a coffee bar with a nautical theme. 

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“Somebody looked at it a couple of years ago, he said it was out of fashion now and the prices and plummeted and he wasn’t interested in it,” she revealed. “I’m hoping it is worth more than 30 shillings!” 

“I mean 30 shillings, I don’t even know what that equates to!” John said and she replied: “£1.50. 

“The thing is all that he’s saying ’out of fashion…condition issues’ I disagree with all of that,” those watching at home saw the expert say. 

“I think it’s very in fashion – just because it’s so cool. That’s what I love about it. I think at the moment, at auction, £4,000 to £6,000.”