Outlander season 7: Sam Heughan details hope for Jamie Fraser’s future with Claire

Fans were thrilled with the news of a seventh season with many sharing their excitement on Twitter.

“Nothing like that! You should celebrate and a lot. Both the return of this season and the renewal of the next. You deserve!” one fan posted.

Another added: “Thank you to all of you who make this show possible!! Outlander is a masterpiece and is a pleasure to watch! In these pandemic times I was watching it again and you have no idea how good it is to have something positive in the midst of so much bad.”

A third tweeted: “Break out the bagpipes for Season 7!! Thank you so much to you and @caitrionambalfe and everyone else who’s coming back to the best, most addictive TV show ever. Listen closely and you’ll hear the sound of millions of us cheering over this news.”

Outlander season 1-5 is available to stream on STARZ and Amazon Prime Video now.

source: express.co.uk