Kate and William 'bonding' in video praising workers as Harry and Meghan interview airs

Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, have made regular appearances throughout the pandemic, turning virtually to speak to charities and organisations. The couple made the call before appearing in a BBC One special celebrating Commonwealth Day.

“Kate and William’s microsynchrony looks even tighter than normal here with continual mirroring, but it is interesting to see that it is often Kate instigating a change of expression or a nod or smile and William copying it.”

The couple can be regularly seen mirroring one another, with the same hand gestures and body language.

Judi added: “The one who is first to change a pose or an expression that others then adopt is usually seen as the more dominant one or the leader, hinting that William might be taking her lead here.”

Sitting in their regular spot for virtual calls, the couple sat close to another as they praised frontline workers.

Judi added that the couple displayed a new bonding technique with one another. 

She explained: “Kate’s eye-expression out of the smile does look slightly tired here although it could be accounted for by some of the concerning stories she is hearing and William’s deep frown might say the same. 

“William and Kate also display a new bonding technique here, referencing one another quickly by name or a quick hand gesture, rather than just referring to ‘we’.”

The post on the Kensington Royal Instagram was captioned: “She has seen how the pandemic has exacerbated existing problems for healthcare workers dealing with mental, emotional and physical stress and trauma, and wants to be a voice for them.

“This #CommonwealthDay The Duke and Duchess spoke with medical, charity and voluntary staff from across the Commonwealth to hear more about the work they have been carrying out to care for those within their communities.”

For the occasion, the Duchess opted for a recycled royal blue dress.

Designed by couture brand Eponine London, Kate first wore the dress for a charity event in London two years ago.

While the exact style is no longer available to purchase, other items from the brand retail for as much as £2,000.

The royal paired the outfit with hoop earrings but opted for a look without a necklace, showing off the dress’ boat neck style.

source: express.co.uk