Atlus Asks Which Platforms Fans Want Its Games For in Annual Survey; Adds Xbox Option

Silly gameAr7h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Dom, they haven’t partnered with MS until Phil went to Japan and dropped off a bag of money. When Phil went to Japan, all of a sudden, they started getting the royal treatment from sega. They were more synonymous with Sony because of the Yakuza series and Atlus.

The producer even said if it wasn’t for Sony, yakuza wouldn’t even be a thing. Microsoft didn’t want Yakuza. Nintendo didn’t want Yakuza. Now all of a sudden, MS is in love with Yakuza, and using it as a selling point for Gamepass. It’s so scummy, that I actually have no words for it.

And, not to start anything, but MS is worth waaaay more than Sony. Sony has built successful compaines from scratch for years. They buy studios too, but it seems like they only buy the ones that are synonymous to playstation. No one is going to be mad that a company that started out making exclusives for a company was bought out by that company. Sega and Zenimax are a different story.

MS didn’t build them from the ground up. They didn’t make exclusives for MS. It seems like MS is trying to create a monopoly in gaming like they did with windows,