Fariba Rahimi – How A Model And Entrepreneur Turned Her Startup Into A Six-Figure Business

Entrepreneurs need to create links with the important people in their industry

Fariba Rahimi

Entrepreneurs need to create links with the important people in their industry

Entrepreneurs need to create links with the important people in their industry

Entrepreneurs need to create links with the important people in their industry

Fossegrenda, Norway, March 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the young age of sixteen years, Fariba Rahimi moved from her home country Iran to follow her dreams in Norway. At that time, no one knew that this teenager was on her way to becoming a top international model, a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring entrepreneur.

The popular model is a woman of many talents and one of her achievements include Trøndervask, Norway’s leading real estate, construction and building maintenance company. Ten years ago, Fariba built her business from the ground up, all by herself and today, it is now a six-figure business. Thanks to the exponential growth of her business, Fariba Rahimi is now also a member of Forbes Business Council, a prestigious platform where major people from all over the world share their success stories.

But how did a teenager who fled her country go on to become a top model and entrepreneur? We got in touch with the star herself to share her insights about turning a startup into a six-figure business. Trust us, she would know!

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Embrace Your Failures

According to Fariba, every single startup faces a setback atleast once in its tenure. And the only ones who survive are those who embrace their failures and learn their mistakes, rather than giving up. Fariba says that the key to every successful business is learning from their mistakes and applying the findings towards your growth. Fariba says that failures are blessings in disguise because they show you where you lack, so that you can critically analyze the situation and avoid it the next time. If your business is facing obstacles, it means that it is on the right track. The only thing left to turn it into a successful business is to correcting those mistakes.

Keep Up With The Trends

Stay updated with the latest technology. Keep learning everyday about what’s new and update your business production with the latest machinery and equipment. Always stay aware of the modern practices as it will help you cater to the dynamic needs of the market.

According to Fariba, the most important and crucial step for businesses today is to adapt digital marketing practices. This is the trend that is here to stay and if any business fails to connect with the wider market on social media, it fails on every level. Businesses need to adapt to the internet platforms and use all of the relevant social media to cater to a wide segment of the market.

Know The Right People

Have you ever heard of a successful entrepreneur with 0 social links? Neither have I! According to Fariba, entrepreneurs need to create links with the important people in their industry. Knowing the right people is all it takes to save a failing business and turn it into a growing one.

But you need to start networking from even before you launch your business. In fact, start spending your early twenties getting to know successful people. Being in their company would motivate you a lot. Create a wide circle of only genuine and successful people who would help you grow both personally and professionally.

Believe In Yourself

According to Fariba, this goes without saying but self-belief from an early age is what separates successful people from the rest. You need to be confident in yourself and your abilities to fulfill your dreams.

If you follow these steps, your success is guaranteed and you are on the right track to growing a six-figure business, according to Fariba. Fariba now lives in Trondheim, Norway, and runs her business while partnering with famous brands such as Versace for their advertising campaigns. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Fariba is a very popular international model and influencer. She has appeared in the covers of various top magazines as a very inspiring

Fariba Rahimi


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