Outbreak is the Call of Duty Zombies mode we need right now

This must be 2018, because Call of Duty suddenly feels like Fortnite again. Not the battle royale mode that spawned Blackout and Warzone, but Fortnite: Save the World—the underplayed PvE mode that set four players free in a massive outdoor map to scavenge, muck about, and ultimately fend off waves of marauding undead in defence of an objective.

Call of Duty: Cold War’s new Outbreak mode takes me right back to those weird months before Fortnite found its final form. It has the same big, purple sky, and what I once fondly referred to as the ‘natter phase’—an early, undirected stage of the match where close coordination simply isn’t necessary. As players casually one-shot zombies in twos or threes or trundle down dirt roads in Eastern European sedans, Outbreak occupies just enough of the brain to loosen tongues, facilitating easy conversation in ways a Zoom video chat does not.

source: gamezpot.com