Skyward Sword HD Warrants its Price

DaCajun1h ago

“imagine being so DUMB you’re willing to defend scummy practices from a company clearly trying to nickel and dime their loyal fanbase by selling a remastered 10 yo game for a price higher than it launched 10 years ago! ”

Imagine being a delusional fanboy. Sony had Demon’s Souls remastered and charged $70 on an 11yr old game which initially sold for $60. So that’s perfectly fine? But another company does it and they’re evil and the bringer of the apocalypse. Talk about a hypocrite.

Personally I don’t buy remastered games I already own or have played. I loved Demon’s Souls but I’m not buying it again at a higher price just like I would not buy Skyward sword again. If they want to sell these games at a higher price so be it, that’s their business but I won’t buy them. Some people like remastered games or maybe they missed the game the first time around. If you don’t agree with it don’t buy it, what an easy concept. Just don’t go around condemning one company while giving others a free pass you delusional fanboy hypocrite.

Talk about a toxic community, just play your games. Why do you losers care about a company you don’t buy anything from? If you do, then the quickest way to fix these issues instead of crying and complaining all the time is to have some self control, maturity, and vote with your wallet. If you have a legitimate complaint file a law suit. Most of you fanboys on here can’t even get your heads out of these companies rears to even have a sensible thought. Do any of you actually play games or you just get on here all day long running around looking for negativity and hate to spread?