It Takes Two gameplay footage confirms wasps-versus-squirrels battles are in

It Takes Two is the next cooperative adventure by Hazelight, the studio responsible for A Way Out. It has a fun premise: a father and mother on the brink of divorce are mysteriously transformed into dolls by their daughter, and this predicament is designed to convince them not to get a divorce. Kids, hey? There’s also a sentient “cheesy lovebook” involved, who thinks he can fix their relationship. 

What ensues is a series of action and platforming gauntlets that require these doll-parents to collaborate very closely. We’ve seen it in action before, but a new gameplay trailer issued today and embedded above has me pretty excited about its potential. According to director Josef Fares, the amount of variation is “insane”—every scenario or level offers a different setting and gameplay format. In one example the unhappy couple must help a gang of squirrels rid their home of wasps with a lethal combination of sap and match guns.