Azealia Banks Engaged To Artist Ryder Ripps: See Announcement & Ring

Congratulations to Azealia Banks! The debatable rap artist revealed that she as well as theoretical artist Ryder Ripps are marrying as well as– that she’s likewise ‘Jewish’ currently?

Azealia Banks revealed on Monday (Feb 22) that she was engaged to Ryder Ripps, as well as she shared the information in such a way you would certainly anticipate Azealia Banks to share it. “I just got engaged, k-nts,” she captioned the Instagram picture of her interaction ring. Instead of a huge ruby or a few other glittery gem, the 29-year-old rap artist used a gold ring birthing a menorah. Apparently, the interaction announcement likewise functioned as Azealia introducing her conversion toJudaism “I’m Jewish now. MAZEL TOV BITCHES! WE IN HERE…. YERRRRRRR.”

She likewise shared scenes from the proposition– with Ryder down on one knee– to herInstagram Story “My bb,” commented Ryder on the message. He likewise shared a photo of her hand, with the interaction ring, to his account. Their buddies as well as followers commemorated the information. “Congrats,” commented streetwear developerGuillermo Andrade “Congratulations [heart emoji x 3],” includedSky Ferreira Solomon Ray, Paperboy Prince, Kilumantii, as well as others all filled up the remarks area with love as well as heart emojis. “Can’t wait to see the freakum dress at the wedding,” composed one follower. “congratulations boo!!!” included an additional.

So, that is Azealia’s fiancé? Ryder is a theoretical artist/graphic developer that, according to a ConnectedIn account credited to him, is the present Creative Director at OKFocus. Ryder has actually likewise dealt with some rather heavyweights, most especially,Kanye West When Kanye took place among his lots of thoughtful Tweet- sprees throughout 2018, among the screenshots he shared was a discussion with Ryder, per Vice’s imprint, GARAGE. At the moment, Ryder could not comment in detail regarding his partnership with West, informing GARAGE that, “I can confirm that Kanye and I worked together at Donda.”

Azelia Banks is currently engaged. (AP)

Ryder’s collaborate with an additional prominent artist could discuss just how he as well as Azealia attached: he created the cd art for Miss Anthropocene, the 2020 cd by artistGrimes Azealia asserted in 2018 that she had actually been welcomed over to among Elon Musk‘s homes to deal with a track withGrimes “I waited around all weekend while grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter on acid,” Banks composed on Instagram, per Vox, ending that “it was probably some weird threesome sex sh-t to begin with.” Banks released– as well as removed– a public apology, as well as the fight apparently proceeded right into 2019, when Banks hinted that she was composing songs slamming “a wealthy technocrat,” per DAZED

In enhancement to developing Grimes’ cd art, Ryan likewise created the minimal product packaging for Soylent’s “food bar.” He likewise had a 2014 art setup for called ART SLUT, where he took $50 to “pay ‘sensual masseuses’ from Craigslist to draw for him, in order to illustrate the point that he was ‘being exploited as an artist.’” Recently, Ryder came under attack for declaring he was the artist that revamped the CIA’s brand-new logo design as well as internet site, per Artnet, yet that was a scam.

“Social online platforms are games that are played within the attention economy,” he informed the magazine in an e-mail. “Authorship and sincerity are murky as is. Before I put it in my portfolio, people on Twitter were already asserting that I had made the CIA’s rebranding, why not take their fantasy further and say I made it?”