WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Results, Miz cashes in, full recap and analysis

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Results, Miz cashes in, full recap and analysis

Miz is currently a two-time WWE Champion.


Elimination Chamber 2021 gathered a shock: The Miz moneyed in his Money in the Bank agreement and won the WWE Championship off Drew McIn tire. It covered off a solid pay-per-view, which opened up with an amazing Elimination Chamber suit won byDaniel Bryan In what would certainly come to be a style of the program, Bryan was immediatey beat by Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the round that complied with.

Keep analysis for a full recap of Elimination Chamber.

The Miz cashes in, ends up being WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley assailed Drew McIn tire after the Chamber, ruining him outside the ring and after that placing him in theHurt Lock Miz’s songs played and he encountered the ring, formally moneying in his Money in the Bank agreement.

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The bell rings. Miz obtained a 2 matter complying with a DDT, yet obtained the win complying with aSkull Crushing Finale The reveal goes off the air as The Miz commemorates his champion win.

Yes, truly.

Drew McIn tire maintains WWE Championship

In the centerpiece of the program, Drew McIn tire maintained his WWE Championship by winning the Elimination Chamber suit. McIn tire last removed AJ Styles to keep his champion.

The match developed to a face-off in between Sheamus and McIn tire, with Sheamus being the last participant in the suit. Sheamus removed Kofi Kingston with a Brogue Kick, and McIn tire removed Jeff Hardy with a Claymore Kick, so it appeared like both would certainly remove residence and fight to shut the round. That had not been to be, as Sheamus was pinned by AJ Styles complying with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Randy Orton was the very first to be removed, which likewise came as a shock. Kofi Kingston got in the Chamber 4th and promptly captured Orton with an innovative roll up. Following his pin, Orton RKO would certainly Kingston and Hardy prior to leaving. AJ Styles, that had yet to formally get in, capitalized by advising Omos to damage his Chamber door. Omos did, and AJ ranged from the outdoors and went through the Chamber door and unsuccessfully attempted to pinKingston and Hardy Note that this definitely does not make good sense, given that AJ isn’t a lawful male up until his Chamber door opens. Alas.

The round was great, yet even more disjointed than the SmackDown opener. This is particularly real throughout the duration in which there were 5 males still energetic– AJ, McIn tire, Sheamus, Kingston and Hardy– where there was frequently activity taking place in numerous locations. But it enhanced after Hardy and Kingston were removed, when AJ, Sheamus and McIn tire placed on a solid closing area.

Rating: 3.5 celebrities.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax keep tag titles

Nia Jax pinned Sasha Banks with a Samoan Drop after a strange interruption many thanks to Reginald, Carmella’s sommelier.

The round began sluggish, with Nia Jax fighting bothBanks and Bianca Belair Things grabbed as soon as Baszler labelled in, and we at some point obtained some strong activity thanks to Baszler and Banks’ outstanding counter fumbling. The coating came as Jax and Banks were the lawful females. Reginald involved the ring with expensive sparkling wine and a glass, and rolled the sparkling wine right into the ring as he informed Banks to damage it overJax Sasha decreased, and was struck by Jax, Samoan Dropped and after that pinned.

The interruption was contrived, Banks looked foolish and Jax’s implementation was careless.

Rating: 2 celebrities. It appears extremely most likely that Banks will certainly encounter Belair at WrestleMania, so this suit struggled with the expertise that Jax and Baszler made certain to keep. It was more burdened by a negative coating and Jax, that is typically not specifically enjoyable to enjoy. Shayna Baszler definitely policies, however, and was the emphasize of the suit.

Riddle success United States Championship

John Morrison changed Kieth Lee in this United States Triple Threat suit, which likewise included Riddle and champBobby Lashley Riddle won the enjoyable round by pinning Morrison.

It started with Lashley being a beast, easily ruining bothRiddle and Morrison Riddle and Morrison after that make a decision to collaborate to remove the monster. At initially not also this functions, yet at some point they overcome Lashley and disarm him out the outdoors with some tandem violation.

Inside the ring, we obtain some fantastic fumbling in betweenRiddle and Morrison Morrison is unfortunately underutilized. Eventually, naturally, Lashley go back to the ring. Riddle rocks him with a ripchord V-Trigger, yet Lashley winds up cleansing residence. Morrison takes MVP’s props and attempts to turn at Lashley, yet Lashley prevents it and places Morrison in theHurt Lock Riddle takes the prop and shatters Lashley in the back– the commentators quickly inform us it’s No Disqualifications– creating Lashley to pull away and collect yourself outdoors.

Riddle after that grown Morrison with his BroDerrick gravestone bang for the win. He promptly escaped from Lashley, a real combating champ.

Rating: 3.5 celebrities An enjoyable suit with 3 gifted men. It’s foolish seeing Riddle, a claimed babyface and real-life goon, made to look so weak contrasted toLashley But it behaved to see Morrison’s abilities on program.

Roman Reigns beats Daniel Bryan

This Universal Championship suit was brief yet wonderful. Bryan, stumbling and hardly able to stroll, informs the umpire to sound the bell. Roman promptly goes with a spear, yet he’s responded to as Bryan secure theYes Lock Announcer Michael Cole is shedding his mind, yelling that Bryan is mosting likely to manage a wonder. Fantastic minute.

It had not been to be however, as Reigns powered out and barraged Bryan with placed strikes. He after that secured on a Guillotine and chokes out Bryan for the win.

Just like Bryan had no possibility, neither didReigns He was speared by Edge, that revealed he would certainly encounter Reigns at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan wins SmackDown Elimination Chamber

The major program opened up with the SmackDown Elimination Chamber suit. It included Cesaro, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Corbin and its ultimate champion,Daniel Bryan Bryan began the suit with Cesaro and, after concerning 50 outstanding mins, last removed Jey Uso to win the round.

After 5 mins of unfailing fumbling in between Bryan and Cesaro, Corbin was the 3rd to get in theChamber He was a damaging device, removing both and knocking down Bryan’s knee. Corbin would eventually be the very first to leave the Chamber nonetheless, being touched out by Cesaro’s sharpshooter.

Zayn remained in 4th, with Owens and lastly Uso complying with. A high place came as Zayn scaled the Chamber, and was complied with byCesaro Cesaro, holding himself up with the web links on top of the Chamber, kicked Zayn off to the Chamber flooring. Zayn was the 2nd to be elimianted, when Owens surprised and pinned him.

Following Zayn’s elimination, Uso entraped Owens’ arm in the Chamber door and blitzed him with superkicks. He after that pinned him after a top-rope sprinkle.

After Cesaro took Uso out outside, we obtained outstanding back-and- forth activity in betweenCesaro and Bryan Just as it appeared like Cesaro was mosting likely to remove Bryan– amidst a single-leg Giant Swing on Bryan’s damaged leg– he was clocked with a superkick byUso Uso after that pinned Cesaro with a top-rope sprinkle.

That leftUso and Bryan Uso quickly struck a dash on Bryan for a 2. He after that scaled the top of a Chamber skin and tried a gigantic sprinkle, yet Bryan obtained his knees up, after that struck Uso with the running knee for a pin, winning his 3rd Chamber suit.

The great information? Bryan wins a shot versus Roman Reigns’Universal Championship The problem? Roman Reigns appears promptly to begin that suit. No remainder forBryan

Rating: 4.5 celebrities. Excellent things.

Kickoff Show results

John Morrison beat Ricochet, Elias and Ali to win an area in the triple-threat suit United States Championship on the major program. Bobby Lashley will certainly currently safeguard his United States title versusMorrison and Riddle

Morrison won the suit by rolling up Ali while Ali was sidetracked by his Retribution intrigue powerbombing Ricochet outside.