Australia news live: Covid vaccine rollout begins; more questions over rape allegations

Mr Morrison is arguably the most powerful person in the land.

He sets sets standards that form cultural expectations. His actions and inactions shape the culture.

But when Four Corners raised serious concerns about the culture of mistreatment of women and his government, he tried to silence the ABC.

When women complained of bullying in his government, he said, ‘I’m not going to be distracted by that’.

When rape was alleged in an office of one of his own ministers, he sets up whitewash investigations that can be controlled.

Mr Morrison’s media advisors started rumors about Ms Higgins and her partner.

And Mr. Morrison blamed the victim.

He said he was angry about being left in the dark – but there have been no consequences for those he claims left him in the dark.

Mr Morrison talks about culture.

But what he is not talking about is the culture he leads, the culture he leads in his own government, where no matter what happens, he is never responsible.

Where nobody is accountable for anything. And where serious crime was covered up.