Drag Race UK queen Tia Kofi spills all on workroom arguments: ‘Threw me off guard’

Tia Kofi was the latest queen to sashay away in RuPaul’s Drag Race UK this week. The much-loved star could not survive her third lip sync and bowed out to Lawrence Chaney. Express.co.uk recently spoke to the drag queen about her time on the show, and how she dealt with all of the drama.

Drag Race UK fans will know that season two has already been packed full of drama.

Not only was there the infamous RuPaul outburst, but the contestants also had to spend months on hiatus due to coronavirus.

The latest episode was no different as the queens took on the much-anticipated Snatch Game.

Some of them shone while others failed to impress the judges with their celebrity impersonations.

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Speaking about dealing with the arguments, she said: “It’s a strange one for me because I went onto the show as me and was consistently the same exact human person that I’ve always been the whole time.

“So sometimes people cracking out comments like that I was like: ‘Oh yeah, it’s being filmed, I see why you did that, out of nowhere.’

“But, yeah, they kind of did throw me off guard and catch me off-kilter slightly at points.

“But at the end of the day, people are expressing an opinion about things.

“I think if someone’s clothes are that important to you that you’re going to get upset about it, then you do you, you clearly need to vent about it.”

However, Tia also revealed how watching the show back, she’s been pleased at how she reacted in the face of it all.

“Through that whole experience, the thing that I’m proudest of probably is the fact that I don’t think I changed.

“I don’t think I was overly fazed by the constant barrage of basic and – I would say shady but shady has to be clever – the comments that other people made in confessional moments.

“Despite all of that, I don’t think I’ve been fazed and I hope people can take that into your own lives because it’s not just in competition reality shows that we may face adversity, it’s also in our daily lives.

“And I feel that everyone has those struggles and those moments.”

BBC Three series RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is streaming now on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes every Thursday at 7pm.

source: express.co.uk