Rosamund Pike is Perfectly Okay Being Your Favorite Anti-Hero in I Care a Lot

Then there’s Marla, a vape-smoking legal guardian in finely tailored suits, sporting a perfectly cut bob. “She plays with the notion of being sincere, trustworthy, warm, caring… The nurturing qualities of femaleness, of women, and she takes them and abuses them. And, you know, plays with them for ill ends, and it’s a very interesting space to play in.”

Rosamund, who is also known her less intense roles in Pride & Prejudice and An Education, says she was enticed to play Marla and Amy, “because I think it shines an interesting light on our society and these kind of people who definitely exist.”

As for how she and writer-director J Blakeson created Marla’s backstory, or raison d’être, she simply states, “It doesn’t really behoove me to talk about it, because Marla is not asking for your sympathy.”