Gregg Wallace: Big Weekends Away: Rome travel guide – when to go, where to go, what to do

What to eat in Rome

Enjoying a gelato or five is a must on a holiday to Rome.

A Roman favourite is Giolitti, a few blocks from the Pantheon. Alternatively, there’s Gelateria del Teatro and Fatamorgana.

Of course, you’ll struggle to avoid typical Italian cuisine.

According to Fodors travel guide: “Typical appetizers include fried artichokes, fried salt cod filets, and plenty of cheese and salumi.

“The most classic Roman pastas are bucatini all’amatriciana, a spicy tomato sauce with peperoncino, guanciale (pig’s cheek), and pecorino romano; spaghetti alla carbonara, a creamy sauce made with raw egg yolk, black pepper, guanciale, and pecorino romano; and tonnarelli cacio e pepe, a winning combination of pecorino romano and black pepper.”

The best pizza is said to be sold at Bonci Pizzarium, while Pizzeria ai Marmi and Emma are also worth checking out.