FKA Twigs Shuts Down Gayle King After She Asks Why She Didn’t Leave Shia LaBeouf Sooner Amid Abuse Claims

FKA twigs slapped back at Gayle King after the reporter asked her why she remained with ex-BF Shia LaBeouf regardless of the ‘relentless’ abuse she claims she withstood.

In her initial TELEVISION meeting considering that submitting a legal action versus ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf, FKA twigs opened concerning the claimed abuse she experienced at his hands. But she ended up needing to safeguard herself in the meeting after Gayle King asked her why she really did not leave the star sooner. Twigs took the inquiry in stride, immediately closing down the offending inquiry as well as asking Gayle among her very own.

“I think we have to stop asking that question,” twigs claimed with confidence. “I know that you’re asking it out of love, but I’m just going to make a stance and say I’m not going to answer that question anymore. Because the question should really be to the abuser: Why are you holding someone hostage with abuse? People say it can’t have been that bad, because else you would’ve left. But it’s like, no, it’s because it was that bad, I couldn’t leave.”

The “cellophane” vocalist, 33, satisfied Shia in 2018 when she made her acting launching in his movieHoneyboy The 2 dated for 9 months as well as split in May 2019, mentioning “conflicting work schedules.” Twigs submitted a legal action versus the star in December 2020, asserting he brought upon “relentless” psychological as well as physical abuse throughout their connection, consisting of supposedly suffocating her on a trip as well as not permitting her to look various other guys in the eye. Shia has actually rejected all abuse claims.

Shia LaBeouf as well as FKA twigs dated for 9 months prior to splitting in May 2019 (Clint Brewer Photography/ BACKGRID)

In a collection of tweets on December 12, the day after she submitted her legal action, twigs clarified why she stepped forward with her tale. “I have decided it’s important for me to talk about it and try to help people understand that when you are under the coercive control of an abuser or in an intimate partner violent relationship, leaving doesn’t feel like a safe or achievable option,” the vocalist composed.

“I hope that by sharing my experience I can truly help others feel like they are not alone and shed some light on how those who are worried somebody they care about may be in an abusive relationship can help, because I understand it can be confusing and hard to know what to do.”