Bear falls through ice, struggles to climb out as witnesses fret

Bear falls through ice, struggles to climb out as witnesses fret

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Family as well as close friends were appreciating a birthday celebration event at a rental residence in South Lake Tahoe when they observed a bear coming with them, strolling gingerly over a shallows covered in slim ice that might be listened to fracturing.

Suddenly, the bear dropped through the ice as well as started having a hard time to retreat.

The event happened in December at the south side of the Tahoe Keys Lagoon as well as was videotaped byAlyssa Garcia It was uploaded openly for the very first time Monday through ViralHog.

“Oh no,” Garcia says loudly in the video clip. “Oh no. Babe, call animal control.”

It took almost 2 mins for the bear to climb out of the icy water as well as ideal itself on the ice. It after that roamed back to where it originated from, drinking the water out of its hair as it went.

Garcia discussed additionally, informing UNITED STATES Today/For The Win Outdoors:

“My sweetheart as well as my kid were outdoors having fun when they saw the bear. It’s still kinda much where we are. Then after a couple of mins, we discover that he is coming in the direction of us. It’s a little frightening initially since this was our very first time to see a bear up close in the wild …

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“I was so nervous for the bear because we thought he won’t be able to make it! So, I started asking everyone if they can call the ‘Animal Control.’ To be honest, I really don’t know who to call at that time. But thank goodness he was able to pull himself up. The bear just turned around and started walking towards the forest.”

And no shabby, evidently.

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