WHO in favour of Covid passports to restart international travel 'They will emerge'

Dr David Nabarro, the WHO’s COVID-19 Special Envoy, discussed the introduction of vaccine passports and was willing to implement them to bring back travel. Dr Nabarro admitted the passports may discriminate against certain communities but this would only be a temporary set back as the world gets back onto its feet. The World Health Organisation adviser added that it would also be a good idea to introduce documents for those who have been infected with Covid as they would be protected with antibodies. 

Speaking to Charlotte Hawkins on Good Morning Britain, Dr Nabarro said: “A system through which people will be able to demonstrate their immune status in relation to Covid will emerge.

“And I noticed in the report just now, you compared it with what we already have to do for yellow fever. 

“I shouldn’t be surprised if some system for Covid will emerge, but it will require a bit of hard work. 

“Firstly, the Government is going to have to agree on the kind of system they’re going to use. 

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“And secondly, we also have to bear in mind that similar certification should also be there for people who’ve had the disease, and who can show that they’ve got antibodies against the virus. 

“So a bit of working out to be done, but I think it will be important, particularly for travel, as you said in your report.”

Ms Hawkins then put to the doctor: “There are concerns that it will discriminate against those who haven’t been able to have the vaccination.”

He replied: “Yes, I think that that is a reality, I mean, those of us who have not yet been in a position to be vaccinated, will perhaps not be able to travel as widely as those who have for a bit.

“But I want to stress that the current situation of extreme shortages of vaccines will, I believe, remedy itself in the coming months, as more vaccines come as more manufacturing sites are opened up to make vaccines.”

Vaccine passports have been discussed as a way to reopen parts of the UK and the world and to keep the spread of Covid low. 

Documents would prove whether someone has had a vaccine, however, government ministers do not seem united in their stance. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said they would not be introduced for pubs, Health Secretary Matt Hancock supported their use for international travel and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab did not rule out their use for visiting shops.

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Phase two of the vaccination programme has been rolled out with over-50s and medically vulnerable people being next in the queue. 

These groups are made up of roughly 17 million people and the Government hopes to vaccinate all of them by the end of April. 

Boris Johnson announced he would reveal dates in which the UK would unlock “by the earliest” as schools and the tier systems are thought to be the first sectors to be reviewed. 

source: express.co.uk