Demi Burnett Apologizes for Resurfaced Photo With Confederate Flag Jacket

Owning as much as her blunders. Demi Burnett required to social networks to deal with a lately resurfaced image of her using a coat with a Confederate flag on it.

“F—k it. People are telling me I shouldn’t say anything, I’m going to say something about this,” the Bachelor period 23 alum started on Monday, February 15. “So, there’s been this picture that’s been resurfaced of me wearing a jacket that had a Confederate flag on it. That jacket was given to me by my ex, his dad actually gave it to me, and I had no idea the weight that the Confederate flag held whenever I was wearing it. And I just wore it for that one night, and it was a Yeezy jacket. I thought it was so cool. I was like, ‘Yeah, Yeezy.’ And I didn’t even pay attention to that.”

Kanye West, the developer of Yeezy, formerly informed followers to “react how [they] want” to the debatable coat. “You know the Confederate flag represented slavery in a way – that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So, I made the song ‘New Slaves.’ I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag. Now, what are you going to do?” the rap artist claimed throughout a 2013 radio meeting.

Demi Burnett Apologizes for Resurfaced Photo With Confederate Flag Jacket
Demi Burnett Rob Latour/Shutterstock

A screenshot of Burnett’s ex-boyfriend Slater Davis‘ Instagram Story of the truth TELEVISION individuality using the coat has actually resurfaced after Bachelor period 25 candidate Rachael Kirkconnell came under attack for images of her at an “Old South”- themed event in 2018.

“That’s ignorant of me not to pay attention to the Confederate flag,” Burnett proceeded. “Even more ignorant of me to not even know how harmful that is to people. So, like, yeah. I royally f—ked up wearing that. And I am so f—king sorry. I’m disgusted with myself. I’m embarrassed, like, it doesn’t even matter how I feel. I’m just so f—king sorry because that is not what I stand for, that is not what I’m about. And I’m really mad that I ever wore it.”

Burnett wrapped up: “I’ve been an ignorant, self-absorbed sack of s—t for most of my life. I genuinely had no idea what I was representing by wearing the jacket. I have no excuses … I know better now. I did not know better then. So, what I can say now is be better than me. Don’t look up to me. Look up to being better than me.”

Bachelor Nation satisfied the “Big Demi Energy” podcast host on Colton Underwood‘s period of The Bachelor, which broadcast in 2019. Burnett, that is bisexual, took place to make background that year when she obtained involved to Kristian Haggerty on period 6 of BiP The franchise business’s very first same-sex pair split in October 2019, one month after their proposition broadcast.

Amid the debate with Kirkconnell, that asked forgiveness on Thursday, February 11, Burnett has actually applauded Rachel Lindsay for exactly how the period 13 Bachelorette performed her meeting with Chris Harrison concerning the debatable candidate. (The long time host revealed he was momentarily going back from the franchise business and also not going to the upcoming After the Final Rose taping amidst reaction for protecting Kirkconnell.)

“Rachel Lindsay is changing the world. She needs to be in future history books,” Burnett tweeted on Friday, February 12. “I couldn’t respect her more. It isn’t her responsibility to educate people, yet she has the GRACE to do it anyway. She utilizes her platform to change America. Thank you, Rachel.”

Demi Burnett Apologizes for Resurfaced Photo With Confederate Flag Jacket Chris Harrison
Demi Burnett and also Chris Harrison ABC/John Fleenor

While live-tweeting Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Burnett was additionally singing concerning her assistance for fellow period 23 alum Heather Martin, that tried to sign up with Matt James‘ cast.

“Yeah this show ended after MY season lol I’m out #TheBachelor,” Burnett tweeted, knocking the period 25 actors for claiming “mean s—t” to Martin.

After she was implicated of “trying to invalidate two out of the three seasons” with Black leads– James’ present period and also Tayshia Adams’ period 16 of The Bachelorette— Burnett responded, “I made a very bad joke that I wish I could take back.”

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