Australia politics live: Victoria set to end Covid lockdown; Turnbull says it's 'incredible' PM's office wasn't told about rape allegation

I rise tonight to speak in relation to the worrying trend of incursions into common sense, values and decency at state level across our nation.

On occasion I’m asked what drew me into public life, and it’s a question I presume is asked of most parliamentarians.

For me, the answer is simple. I was tired of watching the political class, including some polyester conservatives, allow the tide of cultural Marxism to wash over us.

I wanted to be a voice for common sense and a voice for decency, and I wanted to play a small part in retrieving politics in this country from the political elites.

Ours is a country founded on Judaeo-Christian values – values which have served us over the centuries, values which have stood the test of time, values which are under attack and values which are being forfeited day by day.

The radical left, through their political wings – the Australian Greens and the Australian Labor party – are determined to cleanse the public narrative of family values.

We’ve been watching this for decades. But what’s more troubling is the extent to which these incursions are being ignored at state level.

The radical left has become emboldened and these trends are not corrected by pandering.

State parliaments are being weak. The assaults on religious liberty creatively known as “conversion therapy bills” which have been moved in Victoria, Queensland and the ACT provide a perfect example. The change or suppression (conversion) practices prohibition bill passed in Victoria two weeks ago is a bill which criminalises the truth, and it passed, 27 for and nine against.

In 2021 South Australia will see its own conversion therapy bill and a further euthanasia bill, appropriately dressed in the left’s Trojan Horse language of “voluntary assisted dying”.

There have also been euthanasia bills introduced in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. Last year in my home state of South Australia, parliament defeated yet another prostitution bill, only to see it rise again later this year …

George Orwell once said: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

Conservatives need to fight back. They need to become loud and they need to get more involved in the machinery of politics. Common sense, decency and values need you; they need your family and they need your friends. They need you to be heard before the mob cancels you and cancels your way of life.