John Stamos: I’m ‘So Grateful’ to Be Married, Have a Kid ‘at This Age’

Have grace. John Stamos is thankful to have his partner, Caitlin McHugh, and also their 2-year-old kid, Billy, by his side.

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“The marriage has been … it feels right. It just feels good. I tell you, I’m just so grateful that I’m married at this age and that I have a kid and a family,” the 57-year-old solely informedUs Weekly “But if any marriage, whatever years you’re at, can make it through this pandemic, then you got a good shot.”

The Full House alum and also the starlet, 34, commemorated their three-year wedding celebration anniversary on February 3. Stamos was self-isolating throughout the turning point, as he was revealed to COVID -19 on the collection of his brand-new Disney program Big Shot for the 3rd time.

“Happy Anniversary Love, Our fairy tale has just begun,” he captioned an Instagram image of the pair at their weddings. “Can’t wait to continue our adventure together- as soon as I get out of quarantine! Love you forever, J.”

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Although they commemorated independently, McHugh made it an unforgettable one. “I just got a record player and I’m obsessed with records now. She made me a record of an album of our wedding, like the songs and the speeches. She took the audio off the video and made a record for me,” he spurted toUs “It was just really beautiful.”

John Stamos: I’m ‘So Grateful’ to Be Married, Have a Kid ‘at This Age’
Caitlin McHugh and also John Stamos. Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Early on in the pandemic, McHugh additionally placed believed right into assisting those in demand amidst the continuous pandemic. “I’m proud of her for a lot of things. When this thing started, she came to me early on. She goes, ‘I got to make masks and get them to people.’ And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? Everybody has masks.’ It was before you had to wear masks, but they were running out of them in the hospital. I’m like, ‘No, they’re not.’ And sure enough, like two or three days later. So she went into full mask-making mode with herself and all the neighbors,” he remembered. “I remember her coming to me saying, because I was saying, ‘You’re in there for 10, 12 hours a day.’ She goes, like, ‘No. I’m going to be making masks. You’re the primary parent.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ But, it worked out.”

The You star and also his love invited their kid with each other in April 2018. Today, Billy– called after Stamos’ late papa, William Stamos– has a head packed with hair that also Uncle Jesse would certainly accept of.

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“I don’t disagree with you. He does,” Stamos informed Us, describing his Full House personality. “When he was born, it was pretty bald. It took him a while for that mane to come in. And now it’s like, ‘Do we cut it? Do we not?’ I had someone come over to the house and cut his hair. It was the first time he just didn’t squirm around and everything. And he just sat there. And Caitlin and I backed out of the room and we’re watching him from behind the thing. And I got my video camera, because he was just really into getting his hair cut. He was just quiet. It’s great. I’d say maybe the only good thing about this pandemic is I got to spend more time with my kid during these formative years than most, I think, than any other years.”

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