Resident Evil Village Producer: We Consider This the Best Survival Horror Game to Date

Rachel_Alucard41m ago

RE2 remake had a bunch of content removed as well, but 3 had way more removed until it barely resembled the original game. 2 was missing at least 3 enemy types, areas were condensed or moved around, boss fights were changed, and the scenarios were straight clones of each other with no campaign interactions like the og. But 3 flat out removed locations like City Hall, The Press Office, The Raccoon City Park, The Graveyard, and The Dead Factory. Cut and changed many scenes like Brad getting killed by Nemesis or the helicopter crashing into the clock tower. Since the graveyard was cut they also cut out the grave digger as well. They also removed almost all puzzles outside of a handful. They said they cut it all out in favor of a more realistic scenario for Jill, but realism has no place for video games if it just turns the whole experience into a linear action movie like they were trying to parrot.