James Corden Discusses His Health Journey and the "Stigma" That Hurt Him

James Corden got candid with Oprah Winfrey about his decision to embark on a heath journey with WW, the new name for Weight Watchers. 

On Feb. 13, Oprah hosted the WW Your Life in Focus virtual event that also included Ciara and Jennifer Garner as guests. Oprah showed a clip of James announcing his plan to begin focusing on his health with WW.

Upon watching the video, the Cats actor told Oprah, “Even just watching that video, it makes me feel quite emotional because I really have felt that every year. I really have had that feeling of like the definition of madness really isn’t it to just keep doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results, which is never going to happen.”

He shared that one of the things holding him back in his wellness journey was the stigma against men working on getting healthier. 

“As a man, it’s historically seen as [not] very sexy to say that you’re on a diet, or it’s not very manly somehow to want to make changes in your own health,” he explained. “Because men drink beer, and we go out, and it doesn’t matter what you look like, and all those things.” 

source: eonline.com