Mobile Phone Armband Review

Look what the postman just dropped off that our dog loves to go grab and shake with anger 🙂 A mobile phone armband holder. As I said in the video I used to run with one of these but felt the running belts are better these days. Still I want to test this one out and keep coming back here to let you know how I get on. The mobile I will test it on is an iphone 6s.

I do immediately like the rubber phone grip. It’s very secure and will accommodate a range of phones- will check on plus size. Really think a plus size phone on your arm might get heavy…

After a couple of runs I can say that it works ok! It has slight discomfort in the fact that it’s on and you notice it but entirely like a watch for example- you don’t need to wear it tight. For runs of up to 45 minutes you might like this but for me I prefer a running belt (I use a bodbud for that). I think now and again I will use it. I found that my phone is totally secured. One amazon review said their phone fell out! Sounds like a competitor or troll to me.