Joe Biden condemns Trump’s coronavirus response – ‘More dire than we thought’

The US president’s comments came amid questions over how he will ramp up the nation’s Covid-19 vaccine programme. Currently, the US is thought to be averaging over 1.3 million coronavirus vaccinations each day, with a view to increasing this to 1.5 million, the BBC reports.

However, this Sunday Mr Biden was questioned about whether this current pace would be enough for the nation of roughly 330 million people.

In an interview, CBS News Host Norah O’Donnell claimed “it’s going to take almost a year” before 75 percent of US citizens receive a jab, adding: “Can we wait that long?”

Mr Biden said “we can’t,” and claimed his administration had come into a poorly-handled pandemic by Donald Trump.

Mr Biden added: “One of the disappointments was, when we came into office, is the circumstance relating to how the [Trump] administration was handling Covid was even more dire than we thought.

“We thought they indicated there was a lot more vaccine available, and it didn’t turn out to be the case.”

Ms O’Donnell said the 75 percent vaccination figure was significant because Dr Fauci – the White House virus expert who has become a household name – claimed last year that figure would be about right for herd immunity to take place.

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The president also touched on the subject of the Super Bowl – the US’ annual nationwide sporting event that sees huge crowds.

Despite the pandemic, Mr Biden said he was “sure” some house parties would be going ahead in the country to celebrate it, but did not appear to condemn them.

Instead, he told viewers: “I hope people – if you’re watching, be careful.”

According to NBC news, which cites data from ‘state officials’, the US has reported a total of over 27 million coronavirus cases and 466,783 deaths, as of Monday.